Re: textrace試用

名前: matsuda
日時: 2001-06-18 12:21:10
IPアドレス: 133.31.107.*

面白そうですね. ドキュメントに書いてあった Tt2001 も楽しみです. shell の件,スクリプトの先頭を #!/bin/bash2 -- とかに書き換えれば良いのではないかと思います. > 39. What TeX fonts are already available as .pfb? > """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" > `Tt2001' is a TeX .pfb font collection, converted to .pfb in 2001 by the > author of TeXtrace, using TeXtrace. It contains _all_ the EC (European > Computer Modern) and TC (Text Companion) fonts in all possible design sizes, > _all_ the AMS fonts in all possible design sizes, plus some more. Currently > it isn't available from the net; write to if you need a copy.


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