Re: gsprintについて教えて下さい

名前: 奥村晴彦
日時: 2001-06-05 16:59:24
IPアドレス: 192.244.75.*

acroread をコマンドラインで使うことができたんですか。Windows ではよく わかりませんが,Linux なら次のようになりました。いろいろ使えるようです ね。 $ acroread --help Usage: /usr/local/bin/acroread [options] [list of files] Options: -display <display> This option specifies the host and display to use. -geometry [<width>x<height>][{+|-}<x offset>{+|-}<y offset>] Size and/or location of the document windows. -help Prints the common command-line options. -helpall Prints out all command-line options. -iconic Launches in an iconic state on the desktop. -toPostScript [options] pdf_file ... [ps_dir] -toPostScript [options] -pairs pdf_file_1 ps_file_1 ... -toPostScript [options] Converts the given pdf_files to PostScript. In the first form, if the last file specified is a directory, then all preceding files will be converted to PostScript and the generated PostScript files will be placed into ps_dir. If a directory is not specified, then the PostScript files will be placed in the same directory as the original file. In the second form, the file list contains pairs, each consisting of a PDF filename and a corresponding PostScript filename. The third form specifies a filter, reading a PDF file from standard input and writing the PostScript file to standard output. The following are valid options for the conversion of PDF to PostScript: -binary - emit binary PostScript where possible -end <int> - identify the last page in the document to be converted (default is the last page of the document) -fast - emit PostScript such that all fonts are emitted once at the beginning of the document. This results in faster transmission times and smaller PostScript documents but requires more PostScript printer VM. -landscape - rotate the pages to print landscape -reverse - reverse the page order of the output -odd - emit only odd-numbered pages -even - emit only even-numbered pages -annotsOff - don't print annotations -level1 - emit Level 1 PostScript (default is Level 2 PostScript) -level2 - emit Level 2 PostScript -level3 - emit Level 3 PostScript -printerhalftones - use the printer default halftones. -scale <int> - scale the pages according to the scale factor (default is 100 percent) -shrink - scale the pages to fit the page size -size <pagesize> - set the page size. The following page sizes are recognized: letter - letter size paper tabloid - tabloid size paper ledger - ledger size paper legal - legal size paper executive - executive size paper a3 - standard A3 size a4 - standard A4 size a5 - standard A5 size b4 - standard B4 size b5 - standard B5 size wxh - custom size paper where w is the integer width in points and h is the integer height in points -start <int> - identify the first page in the document to be converted (default is the first page of the document) -xrm <X resource specification> Standard X Window System resource specification on command line.


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