Re: Winshellの解説におけるPDFファイル生成について

名前: まぁくん
日時: 2001-10-14 01:33:30
IPアドレス: 163.221.100.*

>>2808 Z:\>dvipdfm -help と command prompt で実行(?)したところ,以下の内容が表示されました。 (私は Windows 2000 を使っています) dvipdfm, version 0.13.2c-jP1, Copyright (C) 1998, 1999 by Mark A. Wicks Japanese extension (S. Hirata, 2001). dvipdfm comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. Details are distributed with the software. Usage: dvipdfm [options] dvifile -c Ignore color specials (for B&W printing) -f filename Set font map file name [] -o filename Set output file name [dvifile.pdf] -l Landscape mode -m number Set additional magnification -p papersize Set papersize (letter, legal, ledger, tabloid, a6, a5, a4, a3, b6, b5, b4, b3, or b5var) [a4] -r resolution Set resolution (in DPI) for raster fonts [600] -s pages Select page ranges (-) -t Embed thumbnail images -d Remove thumbnail images when finished -x dimension Set horizontal offset [1.0in] -y dimension Set vertical offset [1.0in] -e Disable partial font embedding [default is enabled]) -z number Set compression level (0-9) [default is 9]) -v Be verbose -vv Be more verbose All dimensions entered on the command line are "true" TeX dimensions. Argument of "-s" lists physical page ranges separated by commas, e.g., "-s 1-3,5-6" また dvppsk に就いては以下の表示を得ました。 Z:\>dvipsk --help Usage: dvipsk [OPTION]... FILENAME[.dvi] a* Conserve memory, not time A Print only odd (TeX) pages b # Page copies, for posters e.g. B Print only even (TeX) pages c # Uncollated copies C # Collated copies d # Debugging D # Resolution e # Maxdrift value E* Try to create EPSF f* Run as filter F* Send control-D at end G* Shift low chars to higher pos. h f Add header file i* Separate file per section j* Download fonts partially k* Print crop marks K* Pull comments from inclusions l # Last page m* Manual feed M* Don't make fonts n # Maximum number of pages N* No structured comments o f Output file O c Set/change paper offset p # First page P s Load config.$s q* Run quietly r* Reverse order of pages R* Run securely s* Enclose output in save/restore S # Max section size in pages t s Paper format T c Specify desired page size u s PS mapfile U* Disable string param trick V* Send downloadable PS fonts as PK x # Override dvi magnification X # Horizontal resolution y # Multiply by dvi magnification Y # Vertical resolution z* Hyper PS Z* Compress bitmap fonts SJIS* Shift-JIS encoding # = number f = file s = string * = suffix, `0' to turn off c = comma-separated dimension pair (e.g., 3.2in,-32.1cm) Email bug reports to とりあえず cmd-Line を空白にして実行されては如何でしょう。私は WinShell を使っていないので テスト結果を報告できませんが(スイマセン)。


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