Re: 次のPPower4はdvipdfmをサポートする投票。

名前: Nguyen
日時: 2002-11-25 21:17:48
IPアドレス: 133.30.209.*

角藤先生へ、 >>topdftex %1.tex tmp.tex >>pdflatex tmp >>ppower4 tmp.pdf %1.pdf >この方法は、欧文の pdfTeX と同じですから、 >pdfTeX がサポートされる限り OK です。 はい。そうです。角藤先生が作ってくださった 「pdftexによる日本語のPDF」の説明のお陰で 成功しました。有難うございました。 永田善久先生へ、 Klaus Guntermannさんからのご返事を頂きました。 日本語だけではなくてUnicodeのアジア圏の言葉が 処理できるdvipdfm(pdftexは出来ない)の恩恵を 受けている小生もKlaus Guntermannさんの気持ちを 大変感謝します。 > Dear Profesor Klaus Guntermann, Thanks for the honour, but I am not in the rank of a professor. > I am a PPower4 user. Thank you very much for your > PPower4. Recently, due to its support to dvipdfm, > I can use it for preparing Japanese presentations > for my class. As you might know, pdftex doesn't have > full support for Asian languages, in my case, Japanese. > I can use PPower4 with dvipdfm when making Japanese > presentations. I think it is the same situation for other > Japanese users. Thanks for letting me know. I have got a few responses to my request, but your messages is the first one which gives me the impression that keeping support for dvipdfm is really useful. > If it is technically possible, I would very much appreciate > your support for dvipdfm. I'll keep that in mind and hope that we have overcome most of the problems in the meantime. Again, thank you for this helpful information!


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